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I understand that providing false information, or using another person's name and/or Identity Card number, or allowing another person to access and/or use my email ID, whether with or without my permission, is against the law and a breach of myemail's Terms of Usage, and shall entitle Tricubes to take any such actions as it sees fit, including the immediate suspension or cancellation of my email ID, filing a report with the authorities and/or taking such other legal action as necessary.

Required Control indicates that the form control is required

Step 1: Your personal details Required Control

Please enter your full name as written on your MyKad. Note that it is very important that you follow the text exactly as it is on your MyKad to avoid validation and authentication process in the future.

Please enter your MyKad number. This should be the 12 digit number at the top left hand side of your MyKad card.

Your ID number Required Control
Step 2: Choose your myemail address Required Control

Please select your preferred email address id from the dropdown menu. You have the option to add numbers at the end of your e-mail address id in case your chosen id is already taken.

Please enter your preferred password. Your password should be between 6 to 32 characters and must be in alphanumeric form.
E.g.: password123

Please re-enter your password. This is to confirm the accuracy of the password that you entered above.

Step 3: Additional security settings Required Control

Please select a security question from the dropdown. This question will be asked if you forgot your password and request a new one.

Please enter an answer to your security question. You will need to remember this answer and provide it when you are asked for your security question.

Why do we need your alternative email address?

We will compare the information that you provide with the information in National Registration Department (NRD). If the information matches then we will create a myemail account and send you an activation link to this email address.

It normally takes 24 hours for us to gain approval.

Contact support team

Please confirm your alternative e-mail address. This is to confirm the accuracy of the e-mail address that you entered above.

Create your myemail account Required Control

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