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The Advantech Industrial PC: Perfect For Harsh Environments

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, businesses are looking for ways to integrate more technology into their operations. One area that is seeing a lot of growth in industrial PCs. Advantech Industrial pc Malaysia is designed for use in harsh environments, and they offer superior stability and performance.

Introducing the Advantech Industrial PC

This rugged and reliable device is resistant to dust, water, and extreme temperatures. It also offers high performance for industrial applications such as machine vision, big data analytics, advanced robotics, and more. With its durable construction and powerful features, the Advantech Industrial PC is an ideal choice for any business looking to upgrade its technology in a harsh environment.

The Advantech Industrial PC is designed for long-term use, with extensive certifications and regulatory compliance requirements that make it suitable for mission-critical operations. It also features an extended lifecycle of up to 10 years, so you can be sure that your investment will pay off in the long run.

The Advantech Industrial PC in harsh environments

It’s designed for extreme conditions, such as those found in industrial and manufacturing settings. With advanced features like fanless design, vibration resistance, anti-corrosion protection, wide temperature range operation, and more, the Advantech Industrial PC provides reliable performance even in the toughest of environments.

They are also made with lightweight materials which makes them easy to move, making them the perfect choice for companies who require a flexible and reliable computing solution. Whether you are working in a factory, on an oil rig, or on a remote construction site, Advantech Industrial PCs are built to last. With their durable construction, you can rest assured that your computer will be able to handle whatever comes it’s way.

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The benefits of using an industrial PC

They are also incredibly energy-efficient. By using an industrial PC, you can reduce your power usage and associated costs by up to 50%. This is especially beneficial for companies who work in remote locations where electricity costs would otherwise be prohibitively expensive. Additionally, they don’t require any additional cooling equipment or fans which further reduces costs.

Industrial PCs are also highly reliable and rarely require maintenance, even in extreme conditions. This makes them great for use in areas with limited access to technical support – such as remote work sites. Furthermore, their robust construction ensures a longer lifespan than standard consumer-grade computers and results in fewer repairs over time.

Perhaps the most attractive benefit of using an industrial PC is the ability to customize it for a specific task. With customizable hardware and software, they can be tailored to match the exact needs of your business or organization. This means that you can maximize performance while reducing unnecessary costs associated with components that are not needed for your operations.

How to choose the right industrial PC for your business

Choosing the right industrial PC for your business is an important decision, and it pays to do your research. There are a few key factors to consider when making this choice.

First, think about what you need from your industrial PC. Different models will have different hardware specifications that may or may not meet your needs. Consider elements such as CPU type, RAM and storage capacity, ports and I/O capabilities, expandability options, video outputs, power consumption levels, etc.

Next, consider any environmental conditions your industrial PC will be exposed to. Some models are designed to operate in extreme temperatures or harsh environments while other more standard PCs may not fare as well.

Finally, think about your budget for the industrial PC. Industrial PCs can come at a range of prices depending on the features and specifications you need. Make sure to do research into the pricing for models that fit your needs in order to make sure you get the best deal.

By taking all these factors into consideration, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about the right industrial PC for your business. 

Good luck!

Pros and Cons of Internet- unifi fibre coverage from Jom Apply

role of internet in education 1 - Pros and Cons of Internet- unifi fibre coverage from Jom Apply

Unifi fiber coverage from Jom Apply is the best internet plan. This unifi fibre coverage from Jom Apply is also popular for college students. Like other things, everything has its own pros and cons. The internet connection, they also had their disadvantages and advantages. Here are some of their pros and cons.
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The Advantages of Internet

how the internet is beneficial to students 1667275294770 compressed - Pros and Cons of Internet- unifi fibre coverage from Jom Apply

The great advantage of the Internet is the information it provides. Lots of information on various topics is presented to you at your fingertips. It’s not about a single problem. This is not possible without the use of search engines. Students benefit from this information option in their data research. Today’s students are heavily dependent on the internet as they waste time going to a library or looking for books by a particular author.

The internet is accessible 24/7, which means it never closes. As long as students have a computer and an internet connection, they can access the internet by any means. The accessibility of the internet has made it easier for students to better understand their subject. Unlike in a library, students do not have to wait for opening and closing times. The information is available whenever it is needed.

Students can communicate and express their opinions with other students regardless of their nation, race, religion and culture. This type of communication is more convenient compared to other traditional ways such as phone calls and letters. For the communication part, students can choose different ways like email, chat rooms, messaging services and video conferencing. Also, students can use forums to discuss their topics with teachers and students in different parts of the world. Students who are reluctant to voice their doubts can use forums and remain anonymous.

In addition to studying, students can also use the Internet for entertainment purposes. From videos to music to games, everything is available on the internet. In recent years, online games have become popular, especially among teenagers. For students who study long hours, this internet entertainment is a great way to relieve stress.

Gone are the days when people preferred to apply by letter. Since the digital age, people started looking for job offers through the internet. Job vacancies are available to students over the Internet in most parts of the world. This is how students find other career opportunities. And even during their studies, students can keep up to date with the job market, depending on their field of study.

Online Education
With the Internet, students can also take advantage of online education. Certain universities offer virtual courses for students from all over the world. This is particularly advantageous for students who are in another country and want to take the course in question.

The Disadvantage of Internet

  1. Anti Social
    Children in recent times have misplaced their verbal exchange capabilities specially because of the use of net. Rather than interacting with human beings actual existence, kids are greater interested by laptop verbal exchange.
    Interacting with human beings on-line differs hugely from actual existence interaction. The quantity of emotions and mind this is expressed in social interactions can in no way be finished via way of means of a laptop.
  2. Addiction
    The net also can be extraordinarily addictive to college students. The college students may want to spend an excessive amount of time losing on net neglecting their studies. There are a lot of enjoyment alternatives on net that may make a pupil distracted from their studies. For an example, college students may want to play video game previous to an exam in which they have to spend studying. This may want to significantly have an effect on a pupil’s instructional performance.
  3. Vulgarity
    While the usage of net, college students may be uncovered to numerous varieties of vulgarities which includes Violence and Pornography. Adult contents are without difficulty made reachable to underage kids. Even aleven though person web sites attempt to restriction get admission to t display their contents to 18+ audience, there may be no relied on manner to affirm the user’s age.
    And a few on-line video games contain masses of violence that may be traumatic to kids. Therefore, college students mainly young adults may be uncovered to such contents affecting their intellectual health.
  4. Misuse
    Even for a pupil’s education, net may be misused to sell laziness. Unlike a library in which records may want to simply be read, net permits contents to be copied. In case of a college undertaking or a faculty homework, a few college students genuinely replica paste records from the net. From such an motion college students will in no way study the important thing principles at the back of the net records.
  5. Reliability
    Not each content material published at the net is from dependable sources. The records published at the net may be faux or exaggerating. Some contents are simply created simply for the sake of misguiding visitors. Hence, it’s far the duty of the lecturers to manual college students to locate dependable and relied on records at the net.
  6. Health Concerns
    Students want to apply a laptop or a phone for gaining access to the net. Using the clever gadgets for a extended time period may want to make contributions to numerous bodily troubles which includes neck ache, lower back ache and eye ache.
images 1 - How To Reduce The Heat of Your Laptop

How To Reduce The Heat of Your Laptop

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Laptops that feel the heat are usually a problem that every user has to deal with. An overheated laptop can be caused by a number of things, like an old laptop, putting it in the wrong place, or not having enough airflow. When laptops get heat, they make it hard for people to use them. For example, the work system might slow down and make mistakes several times. Your work will be slowed down, of course.

How to handle an overheating computer 

There are a few things you can do to keep your laptop from getting hot quickly. So, the laptop can be used as much as possible. Here’s what to do if your laptop gets too heat:

1. Check the laptop’s fan engine. The first thing to do if your laptop is hot is to check the fan engine. If you feel like your laptop is getting too hot, check the fan engine. The trick is to put your hand right next to the fan vent. Here, you’ll find out if the fan on your laptop can work or not. If the fan is working right, you’ll feel hot air coming out of the laptop. But if you don’t feel much or anything, dust may be building up on the fan. Not only that but your laptop’s fan engine could be broken. If this is the case, you need to get a new one right away or take it to a place that fixes laptops. Purchase your fanless embedded pc Malaysia here.

2. Be careful when you put the laptop down. The next thing you can do about a hot laptop is to watch where you put it when you use it. One reason a laptop gets hot is that there isn’t enough airflow under it. So, when you’re using it, you can put a book or a laptop cooling pad under your laptop to make sure it gets enough air.

3. Using a laptop stand Moving on to the second way to deal with a hot laptop, which is to use a laptop stand to give the laptop enough airflow. Using a laptop stand will also help the air move better under the laptop so it doesn’t get too hot. The flow of air inside the laptop stays more steady, which keeps it cool.

4. Don’t let hot air near the laptop Did you know that a fairly hot air temperature can also cause your laptop to get too hot? Most of the time, this happens in the summer or when it’s dry outside, which also makes the laptop hotter. So, the next thing to do with a hot laptop is to put it somewhere with a lot of shade.

5. Don’t use a laptop that’s too powerful. One reason a laptop gets hot is when it is used a lot. You should also be able to better control how you use your laptop so that the engine doesn’t get hot so fast. You can try some of the suggestions above to cool down a hot laptop. But if the problem doesn’t get better, you should take it right away to a place that fixes laptops for better care.

Fibre Internet vs Cable Internet: Which One to Choose?

5839 - Fibre Internet vs Cable Internet: Which One to Choose?

Almost everyone has access to the internet in this era. The question is what type of internet connection is the best for you? Is it the fibre internet or cable internet? Which one should you choose? Well, of course, both of them have their own pros and cons. In this post, you will get to know a brief explanation about both fibre and cable internet. If you want further information about them, more details on Time fibre unlimited home broadband Malaysia. For our topic today, what are the differences between fibre internet and cable internet? 

Fibre-Optic Internet

As the name suggests, fibre internet uses a cable that is filled with plastic fibre. They are very thin and are able to travel long distances just to carry digital information. The speeds are told to be faster than the cable internet by 20 times. Technically, fibre internet has its own advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before purchasing. Fibre internet is known to be super fast in connection. It is said to be able to send data at 70% speed of light. That is how fast it is. Other than that, it is very secure too. It is impossible to put on the cable to get any data from the users. So, there is no need to worry about “hackers” or data breaching. It offers the same upload and download speed too, unlike the common cable internet which usually would differ. You wouldn’t have to spend hours in front of your laptop or computer just to upload or download something. However, nothing is perfect. So does fibre internet. One of the disadvantages is the area coverage is limited. Unless you live in a big metropolitan city, you might get access to it. Other than that, it is quite expensive due to the availability and the benefits it provides. This is where it gets difficult to make a decision.

Cable Internet

NTFi2JjgtSnmzNq uFpPF  Z6 HUQRDsb8xvSv3aw9k - Fibre Internet vs Cable Internet: Which One to Choose?

Cable internet is the commonly used internet that people are using right now. For instance, those who are reading this post might be using cable internet. Usually, the speed is not as fast as fibre internet, but it is very accessible and convenient. The accessibility and availability are about 89% nationwide, which means you can get access to it almost everywhere. People are used to the cable internet despite the quality of speed because of this reason. You can contact the service provider and ask them to install it at your home or your premise. As simple as that. However, if you are in a building or household of many people, your connection might get interrupted. This usually occurs due to too many connections via the router, which could disturb the connection. It would be a hassle for those who need fast speed internet for their work or for an urgent situation. 

Which One Is Better?

ponder man finding way solve his problems 109710 3667 - Fibre Internet vs Cable Internet: Which One to Choose?

This is a question that deserves to be answered by the users themselves. As mentioned previously, both connections have their own pros and cons. Depending on the area you are based and your financial situation, you can decide to choose one of them on your own.

MSC compliance office for rent

Having your own office space has a number of advantages.

An office is required for each firm to function in its own location. You can choose from a variety of office types depending on your sort of business. Traditional offices, creative offices, and many others are available. Employees will be able to work in a more comfortable environment, which will help them be more productive at work. For a practical workspace, an office space should include several features such as comfy tables, seats, computers, and a pantry. Employees will also be able to work in a collaborative setting with their coworkers. Having your own office space has a lot of advantages for organizations, and this article will go over a few of them.

good lighting 1024x683 - Having your own office space has a number of advantages.

You can keep all confidential information within the office space after you start your firm. Consider this scenario: your workers are working from home, and you’re emailing them a very secret document. The paper will be kept on their laptop or computer at home, which may not be the safest location for a confidential document. Working at an office allows you to keep all of your confidential documents in digital form or on black and white paper. The confidential information is only accessible to workers. If you’re looking for a place to rent in Malaysia, the MSC compliance office has some available.

Employees work better together in open-plan offices. Employees will be able to work under the same roof and in the same office area, which will foster strong teamwork. They can exchange ideas and come up with novel solutions to one other’s difficulties. Furthermore, employees can assist one another and teach one another new skills. Lunch breaks allow them to interact with one another and form new friendship groups in the office.

The quality of the brand, product, or service will be improved by the offices. When an office is organised, it is necessary to follow the rules and standards of the office system. This will raise the standard of the offices while also establishing a distinct culture. Employees will adopt the company’s culture. Clients or customers who visit the office can view the office’s standard, which is helpful for the company’s reputation. It is critical for a business to establish its own standards, and office spaces can assist in this process.

Having your own office for your business can also help you separate your home and work spaces. For many firms, operating in a work-from-home routine was a new experience due to the recent pandemic emergency. Many employees had to find a separate location in their homes to complete their professional activities. Employees may be distracted from their work by personal matters. Working from home can make some employees bored and tired because there isn’t the same level of passion or positive energy as in an office setting. The office settings allow individuals to divide their personal and work lives, which is beneficial to their mental health.
For more information please checkout MSC compliance office for rent.

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Why Are Time Broadband Malaysia Services the Best Now?

Many items have returned to their proper places after the long emergency period, which we are all grateful for. Good new habits, on the other hand, are not forgotten, and organisations that have discovered the benefits of working in teams with online collaboration tools in real time are eager to confirm ways of working that have proven efficient and productive in the interim.

We, the remote workers, have evolved a little as well, and we may have learned that SharePoint and Teams may be a fantastic tool for working in a team, not only from home. They’re also convenient, simple to use, and come with cloud-native intelligence, ensuring that they’re always up to date and efficient. You can expect the best from Time broadband Malaysia. You can click here to view Time fibre malaysia.

Risks associated with online collaborative security

Because there are risks in utilising PCs, tablets, and cell phones for remote work, we said that security is a critical factor in the practise of online collaboration. The five primary ones, which aren’t all directly related to cybercrime, are as follows:

When you share files, you open yourself up to the danger of illegal access.

Because numerous people work on the same files, poor version control can lead to problems.

collaborators to sabotage other people’s work

thomas jensen h3vT1Kp0FxA unsplash 1024x681 - Why Are Time Broadband Malaysia Services the Best Now?

Because it is only necessary for one of the collaborators to have malware, the dangers of malware threats are increasing.

Their infected equipment can also spread the illness.

Employee information can be stolen and used to commit crimes.

Erroneous deletion of files or directories due to human error or, worse, deliberate malfeasance.

A further danger, which is unrelated to the security of the equipment and solutions utilised, is the possibility of a loss of Internet signal, which can result in service interruptions and prevent data from being saved. When you use the same computer for many tasks, such as exchanging business files, distance learning, and possibly even gaming, the hazards double dramatically. The following six things should not be missed from a hypothetical guidebook given to the IT manager to oversee the security of online collaboration:

Promote user awareness and training, especially among those who need to know about strategies and likely attack vectors:

Advice on how to avoid using personal devices when teleworking and what to do and what not to do.

Maintain control over corporate networks and home offices by establishing security-based access controls.

In the case of an emergency, policies and a response plan that spans the whole perimeter of operations are required.


Regardless of where assets or user accounts are located, do not trust them implicitly.

Reiterate the need for fundamental security precautions and patch management programmes.

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Right Unifi Malaysia Based Service as Per Your Choice

There is indeed a lot of entertainment that the internet can provide, but not all of such entertainment is suitable, especially for your children as it can be affected by the following internet drawbacks. Remember that even the most powerful family filter and parental control app have yet to prove their effectiveness in blocking pornographic content. Check out unifi malaysia now for the best services 

engagement 1024x682 - Right Unifi Malaysia Based Service as Per Your Choice

The Internet is indeed an unlimited source of information

However, while this is an advantage, it has, by chance, lowered people’s reading habits. Why should we read a thick and dusty compendium if we can find a topic I’m looking for in a few clicks. The laziness it brings makes it one of the disadvantages of the Internet

Internet is indeed a great way to make money, but it is also a risky well that can swallow your money and other important personal data as one of the disadvantages of the Internet. If you do internet banking, there is always a risk that your financial data will be stolen by malicious people. So be very careful when handling your personal data using the Internet.

What is represents

It represents the arrangement between the different applications, the storage service, and the corporate network. All these elements, which are interconnected, form the IT infrastructure. We also speak of computer systems or computer architecture.

  • The role of IT architecture is to give a company’s employees easy, continuous and secure access to company applications and data.
  • The equipment that makes it up presupposes a well-managed installation and maintenance so that the company can make the best use of them.

From a practical point of view, the IT infrastructure can be hosted:

  • Physically, on the premises of the company: this is referred to as an On-premise solution
  • All the points that we are going to evoke to explain how it works exist in both configurations.

In order to best define what an IT infrastructure is, we will first look at what resources are needed to make it work. Then, what it can host as services. And finally, the points that characterize it, namely: its availability, performance, security, and how to access it. Note that as part of an infrastructure audit, all of the elements below are listed and analyzed.

1 g0oqCeSIz577R2 txlSW8Q - Is Your Company's Cloud Storage Secure?

Is Your Company’s Cloud Storage Secure?

As the country continues to comply to shelter-in-place regulations, several businesses have discovered new methods to stay afloat by embracing digital transformation and allowing workers to work from home. And it doesn’t seem that this pattern will subside anytime soon.

Indeed, according to a recent study conducted by Gartner, 74 percent of CFOs anticipate many workers who were compelled to work from home due to COVID-19 to continue working from home once the pandemic is over.

Many company owners have turned to cloud solutions to provide remote access to corporate information, documents, marketing materials, and more in order to effectively bring their companies online. Can these cloud storage options keep your company secure with so much sensitive data in one place?

Let’s take a deeper look at these cloud storage options and how they may affect the security of your company.

Is It Safe to Store Data on the Cloud?

small business cloud 600x400 - Is Your Company's Cloud Storage Secure?

Is it safe to use cloud storage solutions? That is the million-dollar question. Yes, we think so.

Your data is usually more safe on a cloud-based solution than on your PC. Cloud services typically offer several levels of security and can keep your data secure even if your PC crashes.

Furthermore, if you’re dealing with a strategic cloud service specialist like cloud storage services malaysia, they should only recommend services and features that will help your business become safer and more efficient. Creating customised and hybrid solutions across several platforms, if required, is a common example.

However, just because cloud storage services are generally secure does not negate the need of following best practises, such as:

  • Adding a second layer of security
  • Using a password manager to keep track of your passwords, making sure they’re secure, don’t get reused across numerous accounts and devices, and are stored in a secure location.
  • Just in case, keeping a physical backup of critical and irreplaceable business papers and data on-site.
  • If your system needs manual implementation of platform upgrades, staying updated is essential.
  • Keeping your workers and team members informed on the various security measures in place to protect their computers and work platforms, as well as how to recognise possible risks.

It’s more essential than ever to choose cloud-based storage solutions you can rely on to keep your company running smoothly as it transitions to the digital era.

exploration - Education-Before And After The Invention Of The Internet

Education-Before And After The Invention Of The Internet

If we compare the 21st-century education system with the 20th-century education system then we come to know how many modifications have been made and how the quality of education has improved. The Internet not only makes learning more efficient, but it is also a less expensive method of learning everything you want to learn. Students can learn any new course over the Internet at a very affordable cost. The Internet breaks the money barrier for poor or middle-class students. There is no doubt that the Internet and technology are changing society in different ways. Likewise, the Internet and technology are also changing the education system. The internet turns boring learning topics into interesting and fun activities. In this modern age, students have easier access than ever before to unlimited information and tools due to the wide array of technologies available in modern classrooms. In this article, we will discuss the education system before and after the invention of the internet. 

142390bbc65032d3453c678c78e744e6 - Education-Before And After The Invention Of The Internet
  • Back in the 20th century, many students could now complete their education because of the costly books as very few students could afford expensive books. But now in the 21st century, anyone can easily download the free e-books from the internet to complete their homework, tests, exams, etc. 
  • Today, Students do not have to carry several heavy books around classrooms daily like in the 20th century as they can easily carry ebooks on their cell phones or laptops. 
  • Today with the help of the internet, students can minimize the total cost of education by using e-books instead of printed books. The best thing about eBooks is that they are easy to carry.
  • If we look back, we realize that before the Internet, students had to meet professors and professors face to face on campus. But now they don’t have to spend any money coming and going to meet their favorite teachers and professors to ask questions, solve questions, and seek advice. Teachers and students can easily communicate with each other through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. Through these internet social media platforms, they can organize lessons with their teachers and even meet their peers from other countries.
  • Back then, the students had no choice but to attend the schools and college for learning but now the internet has provided hundreds of online courses that do not require you to attend any school or college. There are hundreds of fun learning programs and courses available on the internet for students to learn with enjoyment. Many Youtube channels teach elementary school students with so many colorful animations that are very attractive to elementary school students. When students don’t have to hold up their boring textbooks and read over and over to memorize things, they learn more interest. All topics are discussed in detail with amazing animation to teach students about each particular topic. They just need to listen and watch animated videos and they will understand the topic in no time. These students do not tire and learn while having fun.
  • Back then, the quality of education was highly dependent on the educational tools that different schools had. But not today. Of course, even now, not all schools have access to the same educational tools, but one thing that all schools can have is an Internet connection. The internet can offer students more varied and advanced courses with teachers in different fields without ever leaving their classrooms. Many distance / online learning programs can include complex programs that require the presentation and administration of homework or informal programs that include emails, webcams, and chat rooms for better communication.
  • In the 21st-century education system, the Internet is very useful for students who need to research a particular subject or topic. Thanks to the Internet, students are only a click away from the sum of human knowledge and do not have to spend days in the library in finding and reading relevant books like in the 20th century. The Internet provides various tools for students to search for information and get more information on the desired subject. On the Internet, there are over a million research articles available on different topics and topics. These research papers allow students to understand what has already been found and what remains to be discovered. These research papers also help students learn the core of each subject.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

All in all, the 21st-century students need a stable internet connection and a good quality computer. The internet has not only made learning fun, but it’s also a very affordable way to learn anything. Therefore, apply Time Internet Malaysia to get the fastest internet speed in very affordable packages in Malaysia.

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unnamed 2 - Creating an Identity for your Business

Creating an Identity for your Business

Making your business known is never easy. It can be pretty stressful. If you’re having a hard time increasing the sales of your business, then it may be because your business does not have enough identity. To help you with that, you might want to consider adding a logo to your business. Doing such will make a huge differences. You need to make sure that your logo is effective and can leave a mark in people’s mind. Here are some tips to help you out.

  • Your logo should define what your business is. It should speak what your business is all about. So, before you start designing your logo, think about the business you are running. What does it offer? 
  • You need to consider the color and the graphics that you will be using in your logo. This will define your business. If it’s a coffee shop, don’t add graphics like fish, clothes, and etc. other than things related to coffee. If it’s a fast food restaurant, then consider using colors like yellow, red, and orange because it triggers hunger and improves your appetite. Do some research if you need to. You need to make sure that the graphics and a color you’ll be using is in connection with what your business is all about. 
The Importance of Great Logo Design 1024x512 - Creating an Identity for your Business
Source : Morey Creative Studios

So those are just some tips you can use that will surely give you an amazing logo. Now, if you plan on starting online, consider creating a website for your business. We know the best web designers there is, and it’s Jumix. They offer wide variety of services like this. If you need help with your logo, you can count on them too. To learn more about them, visit their site. Hire this amazing web design service penang.

Now, is your advertising not working? Are you having a hard time making your business known? Well, it may be because you are not reaching enough audience. If you want your business to be know, you might want to consider advertising it with the use of a website. By using a website, you can make things easier for you. There would be a ton of benefits you can get from it. 

You can reach bigger amount of audience. There is no doubt about that. Why? It is because there are tons of people nowadays who happen to have an access to the internet whenever, wherever they want. So, no matter where they are and when, they’ll still be able to check what your business is all about.

You don’t have to do actual labor. Yes, this is one of the most amazing thing about advertising online as well. There won’t be a need for you to face great stress, just like what you would do is you chose other form of advertising. This form is less stressful, but more effective.

You don’t have to prepare a great deal of money. Unlike other forms of advertisement where it forces you to prepare a great deal of money, this doesn’t. With this, it is basically free. Just as long as you have the internet access and a computer, you are good to go.